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The Community Care Network is associated with Methodist Hospital in Henderson, Kentucky. Working exclusively with self-funded organizations, we provide sterling healthcare coverage for more than 8,000 people in Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana and Illinois.

We have more than 18,000 doctors in 132 specialties. More than 200 hospitals. For backup, we have five referral hospitals and more than 1000 referral specialists at Vanderbilt and St. Thomas hospitals in Nashville. And our coverage areas are flexible to meet your employees' needs.

We've negotiated extremely competitive discounts with our providers and facilities. So you get healthcare that's excellent, comprehensive and affordable.

Please take the time to call us and see responsiveness in action. It's healthcare like you've never experienced. Starting with the human being on the other end of the line.

Community Care Network offers a wide range of services to clients including the following:

Managed Care:
- Physician Referral (click here to nominate a health care provider)

Occupational Medicine:
- DOT Services
- Drug Testing
- Employment Physicals
- OSHA Compliance Programs

- Health Risk Appraisals
- Nurse Is In Visits
- Flu Shots

For additional information, please contact our office at 270.827.7380 or 800.827.7380.

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110 A Second Street - Henderson, KY 42420
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